The party leaders and Sunday morning

Published: October 15, 2017 at 7:26pm

Is it going to be a five-year electoral campaign now, or what? I was in Naxxar this morning and there was nowhere to park, and a crowd of people massed outside the Labour Party club. Then the Prime Minister’s car arrived, emblem, flag and all – used in his capacity as Labour leader – and the standard fanfare followed. As you can imagine, I couldn’t be bothered to wait around.

I drove up to park in the old trade fair grounds and found it packed with cars when it is usually empty on a Sunday morning. There was even a big coach. So few of the people outside the party club were actually from the village. They drove in or came on the coach, to create a nice crowd for the cameras. It looks like it’s going to be a long five years of campaigning.

Meanwhile, down the road in Mosta, the Nationalist Party leader was doing his bit for the decimation of democracy, preaching in the car-park accompanied by his loyal courtiers David ‘Rank Xerox’ Agius, Kristy Debono and Hermann Schiavone, making the Nationalist Party look like a band club committee, while all others flee.

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  1. Joseph Bonnici says:

    Is this the new way?

  2. Me says:

    There is the guy who lost his seat, just behind his wife, too.

  3. Osservatore says:

    Kristy Debono has angles where one could almost be forgiven for wondering whether she was actually in drag, wearing a blonde wig and draped in old curtains. Seems that when a woman tries so hard, it can actually backfire.

  4. Peppi says:

    The dilemma is whether to laugh or cry.

    “Is it going to be a five-year electoral campaign now, or what?” We just had a four-year one, didn’t we?

    Perhaps they don’t like being at home that much or their wives don’t like them under their feet while they’re cooking the Sunday roast.
    Maybe they (well…perhaps not the PN leader) get high seeing the crowd-size of hopeful mendicants they pull.

  5. Galeforce says:

    “Sajda Musewmina” ta’ zmien is-sittinijiet. Xi umbrella sewda ”tal-gunta” kien jonqos maghhom.

  6. Joseph Cachia says:

    Aktar ma jgħaddi ż-żmien aktar nikkonferma li lanqas it-tfal tat-tfal tiegħu mhuma qatt se jaraw il-PN fil-gvern. Ma nistenniex aħjar minn Adrian Delia u l-erba’ qlafat li għandu madwaru. L-ambizzjoni tagħhom fil-politika tegħleb il-ġid tal-partit.

  7. Vani says:

    Why is everybody guarding the family jewels? They look like a bunch of football players waiting to block a free kick.

  8. Franġiska says:

    Però skont kif qaluli kien hemm folla mhux ħażin tiġri wara u tisma’ l-kap il-ġdid. L-istess nies minn post għall-ieħor. Jipprietka lill-ikkonvertiti.

  9. Jan Farrugia says:

    Labour supporters are like sheep blindly following their shepherd to the trough, while Nationalist voters (not supporters) are discerning people who would not follow a crook taking them to their own slaughter when they see one.

  10. Pandora says:

    Seems as if Delia is no Pied Piper. His tune does not gather crowds.

  11. Jan Farrugia says:

    I’m worried about the future, watching Malta being taken over by the corrupt who now control both political parties’ top brass while the cabal at the Office of the Prime Minister has taken over our national institutions, faking justice and law enforcement. There’s a name to it too: Full Spectrum Dominance.

  12. Jan Farrugia says:

    So what’s ‘new’ about the new PN setup led by the new ‘leader’? All I see are dead men walking.

  13. leon 1 says:

    Xi hmieg ta’ jeans ghandu David Agius. Seta xtralu wiehed gdid Delia meta kien qed jixtri minn The Point – jew jaqsam it-triq hemmhekk il-Mosta u Edwin Vassallo jaghtih par minghand il-Best & Less.

  14. J.Mizzi says:

    David Agius jaf li dak il-jeans li ghandu m’ghadux moda?

    Il-fatt li hadd mhu liebes pulit minn Delia u ta’ madwaru hija parti min-New Way?

    Kif iddegenera l-partit li kien jerbah elezzjoni wara l-ohra.

    • Robert says:

      “Ejja casual David” qal Delia “halli nidru partit tan-nies.”

    • Gaetano Pace says:

      U ejja. Sejrin niltaqghu man-nies, man-nies ta, u nilbsu hekk. One Comment mhux No Comment. La ma ahniex mistednin x’fiha billi nilbsu hekk, il-Hadd filghodu? Anzi ma mmorrux biz-zarbun tal-futbol jew tat-tennis. L-ilbies ma naddattawhx ghall-okkazzjoni imma ghan-nies li nkunu ser niltaqghu maghhom bir-rispett kollu ta.

  15. Dwardu says:

    Joseph Muscat should buy himself a comfy hammock for Christmas. What a dreadful sight. They look like a remake of Ahna Ahna Jew M’Ahniex?

  16. That’s the price you pay for choosing a non-politician as leader of a political party. You don’t know whether people like him or not because he’s not been tested out there. And then you find out too late that he’s not liked, over and above his baggage, of course.

    And yes, you’re right, time is being wasted and it’s their fault for making such a terrible mistake.

  17. Rosie says:

    Might be a whole lot shorter with the lead Labour has.

  18. T.A.X. says:

    Counting the crowd on one hand I see. The other hand is taken up by the crowd behind him.

  19. Reflections says:

    Whether we like it or not, Delia is at the helm and seems he’ll be there for at least four more years. Are we going to stay stuck for four years in criticising this issue endlessly, over and over again? The government is in the meantime eating popcorn and sipping coke and not getting much criticism, as the corrupt ones continue pursuing their ways.

    • Sipping coke. Well, as long as they’re not snorting it.

      Four years? Five years. Elections are held every five years, not every four. This last one was an exception and we still don’t know the reason why.

      • Reflections says:

        Usually we drink cola with popcorn at the movies, although you never know what they might be doing. Four years and a half then, as I deducted the past few months since the June election. Perhaps this reveals my eagerness in wishing this phase to shorten and be over.

      • Natalie says:

        Believe me, the Labour government isn’t going anywhere. It’s there to stay for at least 20 more years. Its possible replacement is not too different from it except for its severely decimated following.

  20. T.A.X. says:

    My father, bless his soul would say “erba ti-qtates”.

  21. Agostino Mangion says:

    Li kieku n-nies li attendew kienu ravjul, lanqas kont tixba’.

  22. Galeforce says:

    As was to be expected, their radio station is hitting out at DeLiar, at every single opportunity, including sniggering at him and making very broad innuendos at his debts, expensive life style etc even during the non-political shows.

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