Michael Falzon is not amused

Published: March 9, 2008 at 4:17pm

Michael Falzon is not amused

Jason Micallef gets a new job

Jason Micallef takes up a new career outside politics.

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  1. Eddie says:

    posted 1614: Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700. source MaltaToday

  2. Dumbledore says:

    MaltaToday reports: “Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700hrs”

  3. Gozo says:

    Note from PBS:

    Naturamabjent back on TVM from this Thursday at 1800. Presenter: Jason Micallef. First program to focus on cactus.

    [Moderator – Are you sure it isn’t rainforests and wildebeest?]

  4. V says:


  5. DA says:

    JM se jerga jibda jaghmel Natura Ambjent tghid?

  6. Francis V says:

    Why is it taking so long? I am worried that the tide may yet turn.

  7. lino says:

    It will definitely focus on peacocks and Charlon will be a contributor to the program.

  8. Daniel Scicluna says:

    according to sources the PN will win by 50.4%



  9. la gonzaga says:

    malta today says Gonzi going at 5pm to declare victory…!!! :-)

  10. G78 says:

    what’s going on? when will we know for sure?

  11. Francis V says:

    Fireworks in Naxxar – is it PN?

  12. la gonzaga says:

    look at malta today:-
    “posted 1614: Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700.
    posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are waiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat”

  13. CODama says:

    What a sigh of relief

  14. flameOfHope says:

    net tv just said that only half the votes have been sorted.

  15. Cangun says:

    why did the chicken cross the road?

    Looking for 4ooo votes.

  16. stephanie says:

    who s firing petards now???

  17. Geraldine says:

    Why do I keep getting “coming soon – pls come back letter” on Malta Today website?

    [Moderator – Try http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/commentary/election2008.html]

  18. Chris says:

    Word on the street is that we’ll know by 17.00…

  19. Chris says:

    And now they’re saying it’ll be official by 17.15… Gah

  20. Sarah says:

    fireworks in mosta… but who is the one playing with fire?

  21. Francis V says:

    Just heard from a PN candidate that PN waiting for Sant to ooncede

  22. kagemusha says:

    …now now are’nt we going too far ………..ma nikxfux
    “s-sigriti”…ok :-)

  23. Fel says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Someone told it “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

  24. chris says:

    NET just showed what otherwebsites are saying; that it is still too close to call. They didnt quote bring up http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/commentary/election2008.html.

  25. CODama says:

    Insellmilkom, merhba lura ghal programm NaturaAmbjent

  26. eyesonly says:

    MAlta Today’s website isn’t working for me either… the election 2008 page is well very blank except for the heading..

    [Matthew – Keep hitting the refresh button in your browser, they’ll have problems coping with the load and sometimes the page won’t show up.]

  27. la gonzaga says:

    how sad… labour tv are activing oblivious to the outcome!!

  28. lino says:

    Bilfors trid tikxifhom biex taghmel program fuq it-televixin.

  29. la gonzaga says:


  30. Moggy says:

    Knowing Sant, he’ll take long to concede……..

  31. stephanie says:

    now pierre portelli is saying that they might wait for the official result of the electoral comission…..this is KKKKILLLING me!

  32. me says:

    Reflecting on this victory:
    It proves that with only PN hardcore supporters, they can hold their own.

  33. la gonzaga says:

    i think they will count 1st counts b4 anything is confirmed!!! what do u think?

  34. V says:

    chill guys, patience… issa we’ll know…!

  35. Moggy says:

    This is torture! :(

  36. JD says:

    people gathering at muddy waters…to early to say anything though

  37. Dorrie Galea says:

    Bet you 20 cents they are waiting for Gonzi to go to Naxxar and declare victory himself.

  38. me says:

    SuperOne reporters do not know why Dr. Gonzi is going to Naxxar. They have forgotten that he has to present his ‘sample’ for ‘DNA’ testing.

  39. stephanie says:

    maybe better that way-wait for the official results-that is ….then they can’t keep saying that its too early

  40. Dumbledore says:

    If you cannot access a site, try pressing the CTRL and F5 buttons at the same time to force a “refresh ignoring cache.”

  41. A says:

    Gonzi is coming….i dont think he is coming to say hello.

  42. Anton says:

    Guys see tv at 5pmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Gonzi is coming

  43. Bendu says:

    Just been told that there is fighting between MLP supporters in the south. Heavy police presence there.

  44. Dumbledore says:

    Mod, Daph, say something please!!

    [Moderator – Something.]

  45. Matthias says:

    hopefully at wied il ghajn.. i belive those killer ducks will handle the situation easily…. :P

  46. Franco V says:

    unless mlp concedes they must count all first count votes.

  47. Dumbledore says:

    Does the music on Super1 mean something?

    [Moderator – They’re playing American ‘elevator music’, which can only mean one thing: the only way is up.]

  48. Matthias says:

    qziez zejjed… they should jst admit the defeat. ejja gonzi

  49. Matthias says:

    wow, tvm is getting somewer…

  50. Eddie says:

    PBS just announced that PN won!!!! :))

  51. Pissed off big time says:


  52. Matthias says:

    omggg… tvm jst said… pn may have won!!

  53. Matthias says:

    relax dudes… we wait for gonzi say it… fej ilna nistennew…

  54. stephanie says:

    ok now the shit will really hit the fan big time

  55. la gonzaga says:


  56. John Schembri says:

    Everyone please empathise with the genuine MLP supporters and do not tease them at work or at the locak shop, just reassure them that things can only get better , and start trying to convince them now .No name calling . Today’s behavior will back fire in five years’ time( the chicks will come home to roost).BE GOOD AND CHEERFUL , SING but ALWAYS BE POSITIVE in your behavior.

  57. eyesonly says:

    yeahhh! L-iljuni!

    I love my DNA!

  58. Bugi says:

    timesofmalta is also indicating a PN victory !!!!!

  59. JD says:

    where are you gonzi? we need to know!!!

  60. John Schembri says:

    Gonzi is at Naxxar

  61. Eddie says:

    watch NET TV everyone celebrating!!!!

  62. flameOfHope says:

    where is Jason “faca da sciaffi” Michallef? WE WON! TWM!!!

  63. stephanie says:

    Thanx to all of you…at least you made these five hours bearable..good work daphne..go watch pbs guys..

  64. la gonzaga says:

    WOW check out counting hall…. all singing!!!!!!!!!!

  65. kagemusha says:


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you Daphne for the courage you gave us…….

  66. la gonzaga says:

    gonzi votes leaving others trail behind!!

  67. connie says:

    thank you

  68. Paul Spiteri says:

    Net is still not saying we won

  69. jordan says:

    ok guys im rly confused, net r sayin that its not decided yet

  70. Chris says:

    Keep calm – await official announcement – though I cannot keep my enthusiasm down.

  71. Paul Spiteri says:

    Now TVM is changing what they said earlier

  72. Pissed off big time says:

    I’m also very confused – I heard the TVM anouncement with my own ears. NET TV aren’t!!

  73. la gonzaga says:

    gonzi not going up yet according to pbs!! i still believe they will wait for 1st count votes to be counted!!
    maaaa che stress!!

  74. Anton says:

    Swweeettt victory….. Nice to see the MLP still reeling from their 1980’s sins and difficulties whcih they have made us endure

  75. Lorna says:

    Alternattiva Demokratika vote could undermine the situation.

    They already have 600 first count votes. If they get elected then it’s the majority of parliamentary seats.

    Anybody knows what is the quota for the Sliema district?

    [Moderator – I think it’s between 2,000 and 3,000. Total votes divided by six.]

  76. Joanne says:

    According to Maltatoday “PN WINS jubilation at Naxxar counting halls, minutes before Charles Mangion talks of a photofinish posted”

  77. adrian says:

    Guys if anyone gets 50% + 1 votes the 600 of AD are irrelevant even if they elect with the twos. If they are relevant it means that PN-MLP are incredibly close which may mean we have to wait all night

  78. Dumbledore says:

    @Joanne – take MaltaToday’s updates with a pinch of salt. So far some of the updates have been inaccurate.

  79. David Buttigieg says:

    Just now in the Times

    Four samples of first count votes point to a slim PN victory at the general election, informed sources said.

    The PN is expected to have a majority of about 2,000 votes, the smallest majority since the elections of the early 1950s.

    The sources said it is not clear whether the PN will have an absolute majority of first count votes, but the smaller parties are unlikely to have any candidates elected, which means that the PN would be assured of a majority of at least one in Parliament.

    The outgoing government had a majority of five.

    There are currently loud PN celebrations in the counting hall but PN general secretary Austin Gatt has urged supporters to calm down. He insisted it is too early to call the election.

    The MLP has not conceded defeat.

  80. giggs11 says:

    Can someone please put us out of this misery? We’ve been receiving positive indciators since 2:00p.m. It’s now 5:30 and we still don’t know for sure. Daphne, Moderator do you know something we don’t?

  81. PC says:

    Have we finally gotten rid of SANT or not?????!!!!!!

    [Moderator – Hold your horses. It wasn’t even over when the fat man sang.]

  82. Matthias says:

    hold ur horses for the big announcement. i agree with John Schembri… we should celebrate our lives out but without being of an offence to others.. itll back fire in 5 yrs time… lets be altruistic with this loosers perhaps someday they’ll see some light :P

    thnks daphne xxx

  83. stephanie says:

    ok now we have it from pierre portelli..NOTHING IS FOR SURE

  84. Dumbledore says:

    See timesofmalta.com NOW !!

  85. chris says:

    Aw just a rumour, APPARENTLY at 7:00 results will be out

  86. Becky d'Ugo says:

    Can’t log on to times page. what are they saying??

  87. Joanne says:

    For some reason the page won’t open?? what does it say??

  88. Matthias says:

    6th sample without a conclusion… tvm

  89. Digi says:

    I’m going crazy….now an AD candidate got around 600 no 1 votes from sliema area….if he inherites more votes, AD get gain a seat….and that means that PN might lose right cause the no 1 votes won’t count after all??!!

  90. Lorna says:

    We have it from the horse’s mouth. Joe Saliba is confirming that there is nothing confirmed from the bigger parties and that it is not even at this stage is the result clear.

    To make matters worse, then once such result is clear, then one has to consider also the smaller parties. Indeed, if a third party gets a seat, then it’s down to the seats.

    What a neverending saga. Joe Saliba is declaring it now.

  91. Lorna says:

    We have a further three hours to go – according to Joe Saliba himself.

    Guys be cautious. It’s not clear yet.

  92. jags says:

    another 3 hours minimum waiting !!!
    according to JOe Saliba

  93. la gonzaga says:

    J Saliba just said dont celebrate…as things will be confirmed in 3 hrs…so everyone forget celebrating :-(

  94. giggs11 says:

    Joe Saliba just said that it’s just too close to call and that we’ll have to wait another three hours before knowing. We’ll probably have to get the declaration of victory from the Commission.

  95. la gonzaga says:

    ahjar they make announcements on the radio….so those car cading will go back home…mhux naghmlu xi wahdha!

  96. Adrian UK says:

    All very exciting my Maltese friends, surely Nationalists cant hate Labour so much, still we govern here in the UK!!!

  97. Matthias says:

    hey dudes dont drop ur moral… they’r so close that they have to count all the votes.. joe salib..very nice of him to come on tv in a very responsabile way telling us all that … no wonder a nationalist!! go joe… we love you!!

  98. Dumbledore says:

    3 more hours!! Ignore TVM, di-ve and The Times.

  99. Matthias says:

    i meant saliba*** not salib

  100. Adrian UK says:

    Still whoever wins Malta is still a very nice place, although a bit to warm for me in July, typical Anglo Saxon!!!

  101. Dumbledore says:

    I’ve switched off TV and am going to continue watching LOST. Keep me updated guys!

  102. Adrian UK says:

    AD votes for Cassola and Vassallo are estimated to be around 2.5% to 3%.

    Wish I understood this!! How does it effect the outcome??

  103. Adrian UK says:

    Having just read Daphne’s blog, now I get it! Bit like Ralph Nader gets you a George Bush!!

    Sorry guys you must be frustrated??

  104. Ruth says:

    anyway guys, while we’re still waiting for a confirmation that we won, I just want to say that even if Labour wins they should seriously consider a reshuffle, actually a major overhaul, starting from the top. Isn’t it obvious to them that the nation doesn’t want Sant as its leader.

  105. Joakim says:

    Stop the petards NOW!

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