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Published: March 9, 2008 at 3:42pm



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  1. flameOfHope says:

    lets hope you are right! keep us informed!!

  2. bob says:

    I’m shitting bricks. This is too close to comfort but I think we may make it.

  3. D.M. says:

    hehehe u manage to crack me up when no one else manages to!! i hope u continue this website

  4. D.M. says:

    posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are awaiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat.

  5. Marku says:

    Daphne, I’m watching from the US, so it’s still morning, but if you say so I’ll have a beer too!

  6. DA says:

    We needed that quick laugh to relieve the tension momentarily!

  7. gozo77 says:

    i wouldn’t trust MT now…


    p.s. i support D.M. and many others and urge you to continue this website. we’re hooked!

  8. Gozo says:

    It seems the PN in Gozo will do very well and that augurs well as each time the PN did very well in gozo it won the election. Giovanna Debono and Chris Said are expected to be elected in the first count.

  9. D.M. says:

    yes gozo77 i got addicted to dcg’s website, for a reason, she’s good and witty, not many column and opinion writers are like her, many others bore after the first paragraph

  10. Simon says:

    Marku, where do you live in the US?

  11. me says:

    It seems that the only way that AS is going to enter Castille is when the new PN administration organizes the next ‘notte biance’.
    And he has to take his place in the queue.

  12. claud says:

    i’ve cracked open a cisk.
    no i’m not sharing.

  13. Londoner says:

    Where are the elves?

    [Moderator – It’s elfs (sic).]

  14. gozo77 says:

    fully agree…few columnists have a cheeky pen and for those of us who like, enjoy and laugh out loud at a good pun, its hard not to like DCG’s column and blog!

  15. Marku says:

    Simon, I’m in Pennsylvania but will move to Fort Collins, CO this summer.

  16. chris says:

    D.M not to be to be like Big bird and criticize, but if mlp were really going to concede defeat wouldnt it have been mentioned on Net at least?

  17. gozo77 says:

    as someone who works close to castille…i hope he doesnt show his feathered face around!

  18. Anton says:


    MLP club at Zurrieq has closed down…..A sure sign or?

  19. gozo77 says:

    tonio fenech on TVM

  20. DaVe says:

    I just got told that all the mlp clubs closed.

  21. Londoner says:

    sorry about that…you have to be one of them to spell it “correctly”!!

  22. D.M. says:

    hey chris i’m only quoting maltatoday, and hoping that it is telling the truth;) and maybe they want to be extra sure before announcing anything not to risk the ‘partnexipp rebah thingy’;)

  23. D. Muscat says:

    anton, it means nothing. but cheer up!

  24. me says:

    Reflecting on this mornings MLP carcade the follwing saying by mum (bless her soul) is very apt:

    Is-sorm li qat ma ra qalziet, kif ra l’ewwel wiehed h*r* fih.

  25. DA says:

    They’ve been instructed to close. It means they have no definite answer. No one has. Too close to call.

    Btw … DCG, I too love your witty pen, and your watertight arguments, even though sometimes i don’t agree…

  26. Eddie says:

    posted 1614: Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700. source MaltaToday

  27. flameOfHope says:

    isimew naqra lil jose herrera fuq tvm km hu mimli bih inifsu :S

  28. me says:

    You see…I cannot kep my reflections to myself…..
    By the way ‘europarl’: (11:00 post)

    MLP win my ‘AS’, ‘hole’ in Brussels.

  29. Genome says:

    posted 1614: Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall at 1700. posted 1540 Labour officials told MT that they are waiting the PN to declare victory for them to concede defeat.

  30. Olivia Spiteri says:

    May i tell Mr. George Vella who are the children brought up with the aggressive and arrogant attitude i lived in Hamrun and Kirkop to see how much this is true. Its disgusting the way you address your crowd by infuriating them more. Unlike honourable PM GONZI SO FULL OF HOPE AND ALWAYS WITH A SINCERE SMILE ON HIS FACE ACCOMPANIED BY HIS LOVELY WIFE. The ideal family role example that mlp are unable to show. When i was young i couldn’t even mention PN cos we were so frightened let alone how could we be brought up aggressively or arrogantly. How can MLP ever gain an elite status. NEVER!!!

  31. jean says:

    maddonna!!!! qiesna it tielet dinja. We’re still not sure after this marathon watching but super one has lost its smug look

  32. me says:

    ‘Ta’ bil-haqq’, ‘Bir-rispett kollu’, din ‘Rebha lampanti’ u l’Ijuni tal-bidla’ ha nibdulhom id-‘DNA hazin’ u ingibhuhom ‘Korrotti’, u ‘Giddibin’.

    It will be very difficult for some pople to wash their hands of the mud.

  33. mario debono - Overmydedbodij says:

    They are done for. Third sample very positive…..3000 vote ahead.

  34. Dumbledore says:

    Such a close call … none of the parties will take any of the electorate for granted again. I yell “LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE 5-YEAR TERM. Do not ignore them. LISTEN and SHOW YOU CARE!!”

  35. Anton says:

    I would confirm it all, as at Zurrieq, they have been celebrating esp in the afternoon.

    Anyway, enjoy it all guys…a def sweet victory

  36. John Bugeja says:

    A friend of mine at naxxar told me there’s a swing against…

  37. me says:

    Watching SuperOne:
    What kind of sample is being checked by ‘MLP’ at Naxxar, DNA?

  38. Eddie says:

    against what???????

  39. Bendu says:

    Wendy Borg on Super 1 has just said that “qed tispikka l-presenza tad-deputati nazzjonalisti. Hawn idur Jeffrey PO”. I wished she could hear me as I shouted at my set “halli jfittex lill-ASant”

  40. mac says:

    Let’s be cautious everyone and be bloody sure before going out!! This seems to be too close for comfort. When we’re sure we’ll paint the town… blue!!!

  41. Dumbledore says:

    @Anton: Who is celebrating in Zurrieq?

  42. eyesonly says:

    This is the DNA video I like to watch..

    enjoy it!

  43. Eddie says:

    chaly mangion commenting to the press: “it is going to be a photofinish”!!!!

  44. james spiteri says:

    pn 100% won .awaiting Gonzi to arrive at Naxxar to confirm winning. Tv presenters and journalist are advised not to smile ! – dar centrali

  45. John Bugeja says:

    Pierre Portelli saying people to stay home and wait for the result of the commission!!!

    Margin is down again….

  46. flameOfHope says:

    Lawrence Gonzi is expected to visit the counting hall to declare victory!!!

  47. Stevo says:

    this is one hell of a rollercoaster, have we won yet? Loved the dna clip. Prosit kullhadd, Viva PN

  48. Eddie says:

    journalists awaiting gonzi in naxxar

  49. CATherine Desira says:

    I pray GOD it’s not the case. However I must put this comment, namely; ‘Even if Dr. Gonzi had lost this election – one thing is for sure – it certainly would not have been his fault. He gave his 1000% not 100% for us all Maltese & Gozitans too. GOD bless him.

  50. flameOfHope says:

    Gonzi just left marsascala

  51. zxc says:

    15 mins left for the final verdict !!!! Was announced on pbs that the winning party will declare victory in 15 mins.

  52. zxc says:

    they have just declared it on PBS!
    Vicctory is ours !

  53. Daphne Ann says:

    WE WON!!! PN HAS ONE D ELECTION BY A SMALL MARGAIN!!! source tvm approx 17.05

  54. Kurt says:

    When will Gonzi come to confirm our winning ?? Looking forward to hear the confirmation from Dr Lawrence Gonzi :D

  55. Kurt says:

    We have joe saliba declaring that the parties are so near each other in votes that it cannot be declared as a winning for neither party. BUT IN MY OPINION i think that they are being “kawtiela” as they are saying on the net tv. :D {hope so}

  56. Kurt says:

    Since there are AD, they will loose votes for the 2 big parties to gain the 50% + 1 of the votes. Therefore since the MLP have the majority of seats they will win the election eventhough PN can get the majority of votes…

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