Published: February 15, 2013 at 3:59pm
The one on the left has had some trouble with a blokka bajda

The one on the left has had some trouble with a blokka bajda

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  1. Gbow says:

    A couple of days ago, Toni Abela on TVHemm claimed that he could not call the police based on suspicion alone – while his leader is ready to lynch Austin Gatt and the entire PN administration on the basis of an email print out from somebody saying he met Austin Gatt on an unspecified matter.

    All of this just to avoid some bad press.

  2. James Vella says:

    Shameful, what a disgusting man! In a few weeks this will be one of the most powerful men in the country.

    • ken il malti says:

      And he is grimy too.

    • Davina says:

      Thing is James, he won’t! Labour, in all honesty, think they are going to win, when in reality, I really much doubt they will. All gimmicks and fairlytales, no substance unfortunately. So I wouldn’t worry about it!

  3. Alf says:

    Toni Abela tells the alleged culprit “What do you want me to do, file a report at the police station to get you in trouble?”

    So Toni Abela (the Deputy Leader) covered up a drug case and, in a statement, the PL says “The Commissioner informed Dr Abela that there was no case against him”.

    Up to yesterday Toni Abela was insisting vehemently that the case referred to was a civil case and NOT a criminal case. Is this a civil case or a criminal case?

    Assuming that “there was no case against him (Toni Abela)”, was there a criminal case against the alleged culprit? If I cover up someone who I know is dealing in drugs, will there be a case against me?

  4. RosanneB says:

    Another one in the list..I have even the feeling that there’s more to come.

  5. Jozef says:

    Oh my God.

  6. bookworm says:

    Unbelievable. This makes him an accomplice to the crime. He doesn’t say what happened to the white dust thrown in the garbage.

    • Tabatha White says:

      Ask the Bullfrog about private usage.

    • Benjamin Button says:

      I think that the barman then through the garbage out. The garbage truck picked up the bag, put it in the truck, and then took it to the waste disposal facility. A sad story for the white dust.

  7. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    To quote Michael Falzon, and his analogy of a foreman, one can only conclude one of two things:

    Muscat is either a cocaine dealer too, or
    Muscat is incompetent

    take your pick, and none of them paint a pretty picture

  8. Giovanni says:

    “The Labour Party said in a statement this afternoon that Dr Abela gave the Police Commissioner a statement on a recording the police have had since 2010.
    Dr Abela gave his statement yesterday evening. During the meeting, the Police Commissioner played part of the recording which, at the time, had not yet been uploaded (this recording has since been uploaded on YouTube and can be listened to above). The Commissioner informed Dr Abela that there was no case against him”.

    If the above is true than we should start crying before the 9th of March when the Commissioner of Police becomes more of a Labour puppet.

    • ciccio says:

      1. We need to know whether, in their meeting of yesterday, the Commissioner of Police told Toni Abela if there is a case against the man who was in possession of a “blokka bajda” in the kitchen of the Malta Labour Party Club. The answer to this question is very important.

      2. Toni Abela, or the Commissioner, must explain clearly which part of the tape was played during their meeting, to which Toni Abela referred in his statement today, and which part of the tape the Commissioner’s conclusion related to. Based on media reports, that tape relates also to the other case revealed earlier this week. Therefore, if the Commissioner told Toni Abela that there is no case against him in respect of part of the tape, we need to know which part was played so as to be sure that the Commissioner’s conclusion related to the part about the “blokka bajda.”
      Otherwise, the Commissioner’s conclusion could be related to any other part of the tape.

      Shouldn’t the Commissioner hold a press conference about these cases?

      • Tabatha White says:

        I feel that the necessary public pressure on the Police doesn’t exist in Malta because deep down culturally we know that we cannot lean on them in the same way that Toni Abela has shown he can, nor should we be able to. But the fact that he can, touches on the nerve which says hold back.

        Otherwise yes, most vociferously I would call for this Press conference by the Commissioner on this and other matters that have surfaced this week and last.

    • Francis Saliba MD says:

      There would have been some case against Dr Toni Abela only if the suspect cocaine block was destroyed on his instruction.

      No one is suggesting that Toni Abela is that kind of fool.

      The whole incident creates the suspicion, shared by Toni Abela himself, that the MLP club was being used for drug trafficking on a large scale and instead of promptly calling in the police the deputy leader was called instead.

      As a scion of the MLP he must have been greatly relieved that the crucial evidence had disappeared rendering successful prosecution impossible.

    • vanni says:

      This was not just a case of dealing from a Labour Party kazin, but also the cutting of cocaine on the premises. Does this not constitute a more serious offence?

      Furthermore, as far as I am aware, all assets pertaining to drug dealers are automatically impounded. Were the assets of the people concerned seized, or did the Police Commissioner flout this law?

  9. What an idiot. Go to hell, Tony, and take Joseph with you.

  10. bob-a-job says:

    Dr Abela said the Commissioner told him that he had known about the case since October 2010 when a statement was made by Nationalist MP David Agius, and both then and now he did not feel there was a case.

    Yet it is illegal to possess, produce, or distribute cocaine for non-medicinal and non-government-sanctioned purposes in almost every country, Malta included.

    The Commissioner of Police seems to indicate that Toni Abela did not commit a felony in covering up a crime.

    The mind boggles.

  11. Adam says:

    Is the act of not reporting a criminal activity punishable by Maltese law ?

    • David says:

      This is really a stupid question. In any case the police commissioner has answered this question.

      • Angus Black says:

        No David, it is not a stupid question especially in the context that Toni Abela, lawyer, not only did not report the incident but more seriously (by his own words) seems to have protected the individual who was cutting the ‘white block’.

        Protecting a criminal is abetting a criminal and yes, it is an offence to do so.

        If Toni and Joseph cannot see this, then they appear willing to go well beyond the legal limits to protect their skin.

  12. Village says:

    Toni ghaffigha bizzejjed. Nispera li l-votant indeciz jaghmel gudizzju ghaqli rigward il-valuri tad-dirigenti u jaghraf iqqabbel u jaghzel l-ahjar.

  13. ian says:

    Let’s watch him try and wriggle out of this one. That should be fun.

  14. Leslie Darmanin says:

    I don’t know what’s happening to the Maltese press.

    The headline of The Times and The Independent is that a second recording of Toni Abela has been upload on Youtube – as if this scandalous tape is some long awaited song release.

    Malta Today turns Abela into a hero and says he expelled a club member.

    And Di-ve misses the point entirely and says there is no case against Dr Abela.

    With press like this, the honeymoon period for the imminent Labour government is going to be very long and very damaging to the country.

  15. vince says:

    Oh come on Daph, miskin they were doing nothing wrong, only preparing some dough for a pizza.

  16. Malta Taghna Lkoll… if you’re high enough to believe it.

  17. ciccio says:

    U ejja. The first case was just a civil case.

    This one is just a traffic offence.

  18. pocoyo says:

    mhux bizzejjed leader blokka?

  19. Jozef says:

    Dawn kellhom xi hadd jaqta’ kilo kokaina go wiehed mill-kazini taghhom u ma qalu xejn?

  20. Courter says:

    La domanda sorge spontanea.

    How many other criminal cases happening on Labour premises, and under the control and responsibility of Dr. Toni Abela, is Dr. Abela aware of which he did not report to the Police?

    How can Dr. Abela be trusted that when illegal acts occur under his government, he, or those reporting to him, will take the matter to the responsible authorities who can then carry out justice?

  21. Tabatha White says:

    Has anyone seen the bullfrog carnival float yet?

    • Courter says:

      He is on TVHemm right now.

      Why is Labour sending a criminal lawyer to defend Toni Abela in the political arena? This is not the criminal court, with its legalisms. The bullfrog is in fact tiring.

      • Jozef says:

        Yes, it is rather alarming when a criminal lawyer is sent to defend the party’s position.

      • Tabatha White says:

        The bullfrog is just beginning his work. They’ve all got their secrets, messes and deals that he’s best qualified to sort out. For a fee?

  22. Mario Mercieca says:

    Kif tista ma ccempiilx, Ton? Min ma jirrappurtax huwa komplici.

  23. Anon says:

    U l-Kummissarju jmissu jisthi. Halla kas sentejn fuq l-ixkaffa u imbaghad troppo tardi.

    U dik il persuna li kienet qed tgerfex fid-drogi libera taghmel il-hmieg taghha x’ imkien iehor basta mhux fil-kazin tal-Labour. X’ biza u tal-biki. Shame on you.

    • maryanne says:

      According to Manuel Humpty Mallia, a cocaine dealing case is a storm in a teacup. We’re talking about a whole ‘blokka bajda’ here.

      Money (commission on oil purchases) is more valuable than life and is worthy of more discussion.

  24. Cittadin Malti says:

    Over at MaltaToday, Matthew Vella has been called in to do some damage limitation to the legal advisor of MaltaToday and Deputy Leader of JosephMuscatDotCom’s MLP.

    Do you remember Matthew Vella’s articles during the peak of the OLAF case involving John Dalli?

    So let’s see what we have here, based on the account of Matthew Vella.

    1. It is just a “drugs incident.” An incident which takes place within the property of the party vying to become the government on 9 March 2013. A property where members of the public, including young people, presumably Laburisti (that is like the Pulizija Laburist), gather to spend some time in honest and safe recreation.

    2. The drug dealer was “expelled,” but the matter is not reported to the authorities. The deputy leader of the Malta Labour Party, and lawyer by profession, failed to report the case to the Police, and is happy because he merely expelled the perpetrator. This is tantamount to catching a thief red handed in a bank, but if he runs away leaving the heist behind, then no criminal action should be taken. Or a murderer – possibly even a political one – enters your house in the middle of the night with a knife, but if you manage to scare him and he runs off, then you don’t report the incident to the Police and you go back to sleep.

    3. This is a case of “alleged drug possession.” So now we call a “blokka bajda” as mere possession and not trafficing. That man in the kitchen went to the MLP club to consume a “blokka bajda” by himself.

    4. The white powder was thrown in the rubbish bin, so no questions need to be asked. This is like the murderer and the knife. If the murderer escapes but throws the knife in the kitchen bin before leaving the house, then it’s ok to pack the knife with the other separated waste and to dispose of it normally at the nearest bring in site.

  25. pablo says:

    Alarm bells went off for me when Muscat said in a Times interview some two years ago that political parties were the remnants of a past way of doing things.

    He conceived, and now enacts, his own personal Kampf and rise to power on the back of a movement that adulates only him, and leaves no room for any political values other than buzz and shine.

    The Second Reich (2013 to 2018) is the subject matter of his bi-lingual monologues. The next five years will give the young a taste of the Peronisti madness of the First Reich (1971 to 1987). No one and nothing will be as safe as before.

    The muviment will be always a law unto itself, and first amongst all other laws.

  26. Anthony Briffa says:

    What a shame. I am looking forward to tonight’s Xarabank to hear an explanation by Louis Grech. I think Louis is regretting that day he accepted the position of deputy leader and the fact that he allowed himself to be dragged into this mess.

    [Daphne – I don’t think he’s regretting anything. He was more than happy to be part of the Labour Party in the hideous 1970s and 1980s, so quite clearly he has the stomach for anything.]

    • Anthony Briffa says:

      Yes, we all know that he has been part of Labour all these years and that he was also privileged during the 70s and the 80s, but we also know that he was having a very cushy time in Brussels, whilst making a fat packet from an institution he was against us joining 9 years ago.

      I am wondering how he will defend Toni Abela tonight.

  27. pablo says:

    Let me try some dastardly Muscat-style innuendo.

    What is the connection between Joseph Muscat and UBS?

  28. Antoine Vella says:

    Shielding cocaine traffickers is not a political issue but a criminal offence.

  29. TROY says:

    Nahseb ‘blokka bajda’ kien qied jirreferi ghal iceberg.

    Madonfi, dawn in-Nazzjonalisti jaghmlu kollox fatta.

  30. Jozef says:

    Joseph has spoken.

    As long as his kazini are clean, it’s none of his business.


    Why am I not suprised?

  31. ken il malti says:

    A political party funded by illegal drugs.

    The ruling members of this same political party with white powdery residue around their nostrils.

    Now that would make one heck of a political billboard.

    Yes, vote for the “snow” party

    And you will be in for one hell of a snow-job.

  32. La Redoute says:

    Toni Abela thinks this is a party affair. Muscat has issued a statement saying Toni Abela took immediate action by (drum roll, please) sacking the club president.

  33. Harry Purdie says:

    Since the beginning of the election campaign, I have been calculating a ‘Pinoocchio Index’, which measures the number and size of the whoppers presented by the two major partties.

    To date, Labour’s index is indicating a far larger nose, an almost 25% advantage over the PN. My projections indicate that this advantage should grow exponentially over the next few weeks.

  34. Riya says:

    Jekk vera il-Kummisarju tal-Pulizia qal lil Toni Abela li ma hemmx kaz dwar dak li ghamel Toni Abela, allura ghandna posizzjoni aktar serja ghax minn dawn in-nies tal-Labour anke il-Kummissarju qed jibza meta dawn ghadhom fl’opposizzjoni ahseb u ara kemm jibzaw minnhom jekk ikunu fil-gvern.

    Pero’ jista’ jaghti l-kaz ukoll li l-Kumissarju tal-Pulizija qieghed jobza kemm ghal gildu kif ukoll ghal postu.

    Anzi ma nvestigahx L’assistent Kumissarju Neil Herison ghax l-istorja kienet tkun isbah habba l’involviment tal-mara tieghu fil-Partit Laburista.

    Dawn jaghfgu fl’opposozzjoni ahseb u ara x’jaghmlu jekk ikunu fil-gvern ghax dejjem tgerfix u korruzzjoni istutjonalizzata kien hawn fi zminijiet meta il-Labour kien fil-gvern.

  35. Nighthawk says:

    In the USA, he and/or the president of the club would go to jail for up to three years:

    “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

  36. judy says:

    Are you listening to Manuel Mallia on TVHemm? Blabbering.

  37. Peppa says:

    Manwel Mallia is talking about prostitution at PN clubs, saying that Russian girls sit on men’s laps and massage them. He should know, I suppose.

  38. Dredd says:

    ‘Qatluna bil-guh’ but even the humble workers in the kazini tal-partit LABURISTA can afford cocaine. And Joseph Muscat condones it. Isthu jekk tafu kif!

    Fred, Astrid, Kenneth – continue with your brown-nosing! Nice to see what you’re supporting.

    • Jozef says:

      They’re surrounded, the more baroque the lines the better.

      Fancy a grand tour, Kenneth? Or would that be a luxurious break Astrid?

  39. Nighthawk says:

    And Manwel Mallia thinks it’s insignificant, and a civil matter.

  40. Leli says:

    Kemm qeghdin sew! Guvni li jinqabad b’joint jigi mitfuh il-habs, imma Toni Abela li kien jaf b’blokka cocaine, li tkun tizen xi kilo, biex ma jaghmilx hsara lil kazin Laburista, ma irrapurtax lil pulizija, u l-kummisarju jghid li ma hemmx kas.

    Pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse! Leli

  41. Wilson says:

    So finally the truth has started to come out. We embrace it with open arms. I presume there is more to come in the coming days.

  42. qahbuMalti says:

    As a parent I have my mind at rest that if Joseph is our Prime Minister after the 9th of March all drug trafficking will automatically be exonerated based on his backing of Toni Abela. If the dealer Laburist can get away with it then why can’t all the others?

    And if they cannot see the gravity of this – from a government in waiting – then it is clear that they do not understand their role in running a country that is safe, healthy and prosperous.

  43. zunzana says:

    Just heard Dr. Mallia trying to belittle this latest recorded conversation of Toni Abela.

    He did his best to give Labour supporters some semblance of arguments to nullify Abela’s actions. But he certainly has not convinced the floaters who are the best impartial judges.

  44. Libertas says:

    Għalhekk m’għadhomx blokka ħamra’ għax saru blokka bajda.

  45. just me says:

    This is really serious. Toni Abela and the police commissioner should both resign.

    If I had intended to vote Labour this would definitely make me change my mind. It is impossible that anyone with sound moral values votes for them. Not after this.

  46. Gahan says:

    I watched TV Hemm and wondered how Manuel Mallia is considered one of Malta’s top criminal lawyers.

    He’s only good with rhetoric, or at putting loaded questions.

    He objected against the showing for the second time of the video clip and attacked his host, Norman Vella, on this.

    When Norman repeated Beppe Fenech Adami’s question, he claimed that he was hearing it in stereo.

    Manuel Mallia made an ass of himself and of the Labour Party he’s representing.

  47. Riya says:

    Ghandek rispett lejn is-socjeta’ Dr. Toni Abela!

    U aktar u aktar lejn iz-zaghzagh.

    Ja korrott, u min jaqbez ghalik u ghal nies bhalek korrott daqsekk u aktar minnekk.

    Xi storja bhal din imissu jghidilna Manuel Cuschieri fuq dak l-istazzjoni mahmug li tmexxu mela johrog l-odju Laburista lejn nies innocenti.

    Il-poplu bil-korruzzjoni ipprovata jrid isir jaf u mhux b’invenzjonijiet hergin mill-odju u l-karba Laburista ghal poter minghajr vizjoni ta’ xejn biex takwistaw gewwa butkhom Ton bhla ma’ dejjem ghamiltu.

  48. Antoine Vella says:

    This is not the first time that Toni Abela has protected a criminal.

    In 2004 he was informed that the Labour mayor of Marsa had been involved in several cases of paedophilia. He did not report this to the police and it was only years later that the information was made public through an anonymous letter.

    By then, however, the crimes were time-barred and, thanks to Toni Abela’s inaction, the sexual offender got off scot-free.

  49. bystander says:

    Living in Malta is like being on a Human Safari.

    All that’s missing is a live kill.

  50. makjavel says:

    Bir-ragunament ta’ Joseph, il-flus li qed juzaw ghal-billbords saru mil-bejh ta’ trab abjad misluh minn blokki bojod fil-kazini.

    Ir ragunament jimxi hekk.

    Hemm il-flus fit-trab abjad.

    It-trab abjad gie iddikjarat li instab fil-kazin Laburista.

    Ufficjali tal-partit hbew kollox.

    Kif instab f’wiehed jista kien hemm fl-ohrajn.

    Il-finanzi tal-Labour m’ghandhomx qieh.

    Il-flus probabli geww mill-bejh ta’ trab abjad.

    Meta tigi mistoqsi mill-press biex tohrog il-provi, tibaghthom iffitxu il-provi huma.

  51. Mesmes says:

    Finally Labour is exposing its true colours. And no, I’m not referring to the colour of Louis Grech’s tie on tonight’s Xarabank.

  52. Jozef says:

    Labour delivers.

    Nqassmuha b’xejn f’djarkom.

  53. David says:

    There is nothing illegal in Dr Abela’s actions, as the police commissioner stated. We are repeating the silly arguments already used in cases of priests who abused children. No person is obliged to report a criminal offence, even if he is a witness to an illegality, or the victim himself.

    [Daphne – There is a MORAL obligation, David, especially when you call yourself a leader of men (and women). For God’s sake don’t embarrass yourself further. Il-vera Sqallin – our cultural and moral roots.]

    • La Redoute says:

      The police commissioner said no such thing. Where did you hear him say that?

      What we have heard is Toni Abela’s version of what the police commissioner said to him. Abela says the commissioner said there is no case. He didn’t say there’s nothing illegal.

      The evidence had been disposed of.

    • Amanda Mallia says:

      Not all that is legally correct is morally acceptable, David.

  54. Amanda Mallia says:

    Shame on you, Toni Abela. What a despicable and irresponsible being.

  55. mark says:

    Unbelievable but true. The Commissioner of Police informed Dr. Toni Abela that no criminal charges will be issued against him. Great….yet if someone’s dog barks, you will be taken to court and fined.

  56. stevn gerrard says:

    And that fat comedian Manuel is justifiying Toni ‘s action, but then that’s all he knows defending criminals.

    Zewg kummidjanti bil-provi. Imagine Manuel as justice minister.

  57. Benjamin Button says:

    Wow I love this blog! I found the corner on the web where extreme right diehards (if you don’t know what right means it is conservative nationalist demo christian political views) express their frustration for the gap in pre election surveys. It’ so cool!

    However apart from the initial statement, I think that Toni Abela should have called David Kaza to give him proper consultancy of what the real white powder was. Like that we would have assured what the real blokka bajda was :)

    Other thing, Daphne you’re so great playing the part of the Orianna Fallaci (R.I.P), but always wondered what was exactly the aim of your blog. I’ve seen that you have put up some ads so I immagine you get some revenue from there, I also wondered whether you got some financing to post certain statements. It’s similar to the ex Emilio Fede’s 19:30 TG4 financed by the almighty Cavaliere. It’s just curiosity but what do you make out of this blog, You know better than me that what you write is truly directed towards writing a specific type of content. Apart from the few idiots that you fool who reply positively to your comments, (probably I’m one of the as well cause i’m replying to your articles) but what are you exactly trying to make out of this thing?

    One thing regarding this matter of the white powder and bla bla bla, I invite all of you fellow online bloggers to go do a search tomorrow morning in all the various pn,pl,band clubs and so on and give me the number of which of them don’t do or sell white powder :) my statement doesn’t imply that drugs should be available in all social clubs (far from that) but step into reality and what surrounds your children. This is social malta buddies, a base of vodka redbull and a 90% mix of cocaine.

    Even though Toni Abela doesn’t have the persona to be Barrack, Winston or Margaret, I think he was quite practical in the way he proceeded with things. Of course he’s the first person I would kick out from politics but regarding this particular matter criticizing him you would be just favouring his stand. – all this statement make sense given that all ya fellows have a general idea of how the society around you moves!

  58. old-timer says:

    If there was no wrong-doing, why was the barman sacked? If the barman is innocent, why did he not seek redress for being sacked? Abela said he does not defend drug dealing people – well he defended the one in the kitchen, didn’t he?

    • maryanne says:

      It’s a good thing that Joseph went to another kitchen for one of his media stunts.

    • Tabatha White says:

      Perhaps the locks to Labour Party Clubs get changed every time a cover-up of this magnitude or nature happens?

      Benjamin we all know the reality of Maltese social life. Perhaps none better than Manwel in this particular respect, from both a personal and professional perspective.

      And though it forms part of drug dealer vision, gangster morality and mafia extended business to accept it as normal, it does not fit nor have an acceptable place in normal Police affairs, normal ethical and moral scenarios and normal political party affairs and agendas.

      In fact, I don’t know why there are no protests organised in front of the Police depot, the Labour headquarters and the President’s palace to ensure that there is no leniency on this issue and in this regard.

      I think the Police should make a public point of searching all Labour party clubs and ensuring that if Toni – or by default Joseph – aren’t responsible, then someone is made to be. Wasn’t it Joseph who recently said he wasn’t going to let anybody else speak out for matters concerning his party?

      If a headmistress went about such business in her school in the same way there would be a furore. Certainly she’d at the minimum be suspended whilst proceedings for gross irresponsibility were taken against her. I wouldn’t put her in the same job again.

      But Labour is telling us “Cool it: it’s no big deal.” On the contrary Joseph. You are very wrong, this is a big deal.

      So your “why not” politics also include: not reporting criminal offences taking place on your premises; defending criminal offences; destruction of evidence or turning a blind eye whilst it’s destroyed.

      Shall we say instead: STILL include.
      What’s different?
      What’s changed?

      This is why your Party can’t ever be trusted.
      The basics are twisted and rotten:
      To the core and at the core.
      You stink.

      Morality Verdict: guilty and unchanged.

  59. mister says:

    A gramme of cocaine isnt cheap, and if this guy described it as a “blokka” there must have been quite a lot. In neighbouring Italy:

    “Il prezzo medio della cocaina in Europa nel 2009 era pari a 85 dollari al grammo”

    I’m waiting for the Police to make a press conference and get grilled on how he let go of such a case without even starting an investigation. NOT EVEN opening a manila folder and writing down the name of the case. Nothing.

    Since when are the police in charge of giving verdicts? That is not their duty.

    And whoever believes that this package was “thrown away” had better keep his mouth shut.

    We’re talking hundreds of euros worth of drugs here. No one was going to throw that away. In the meantime this drug dealer is out on the streets.

  60. edgar says:

    The fact that the PN kept John Rizzo as commissioner of police is proof enough that Malta has been Taghna Lkoll

  61. S Zammit says:

    One thing I say – Toni Abela chose to protect the Labour Party over the victims of drugs. ‘hekk iddecidejt’- I agree that Mr Rizzo must answer WHY HE DID NOT TAKE ANY STEPS TO LOCATE THIS PERSON WITH THE BLOKKA L-BAJDA.

    After all it is the courts to decide whether this guy is guilty or not.

  62. sammy says:

    Really shocking! He should resign NOW.

  63. mark says:

    Ara kif tista Malta timxi il-quddiem, jekk Alla hares qatt, il-poplu Malti jafda lil dawn il-qatt ta’ imbecilli fit-tmexxija.

    Il-bierah smajt lil Louis Grech fuq Xarabank…tal-biza.

    Kien qisu karozza antika, b’magna diesel (BMC) tiela it-telgha tal-Mellieha.

  64. carmela maria says:

    Toni Abela comes with that convincing look on his face, telling the people of Malta “what really happened” in that Labour Party club, but he overlooked that the real thing could come out in the open.

    What have the Laburisti got to say now, as his mask has finally gone down, showing everybody who the real Toni Abela is?

    No wonder I never believe what he says, that is, I always have to read between the lines.

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