Grace under pressure, I don’t think: a money-grubbing guttersnipe from start to finish

Published: July 7, 2014 at 9:51pm
Yeah right

Yeah right

Kemm jiflah ikun baxx. No better than that green-soap-smuggling, voices-in-prison-hearing, friend-of-the-Naples-Camorra brother of his.

Ghamlu opra, ommhom u missierhom – il-vera kaz. One worse than the other. I won’t say anything about the priest because people who love to miss the point will say that I am insulting a man of the cloth.

Joanna Darmanin, who was John Dalli’s head of cabinet when he was Commissioner, testified at the European Court of Justice today in the case that Dalli brought.

He must be having yet more ‘psycho-social’ problems which have only served to compound his ever-extant stupidity and ignorance, to work so hard at hoisting himself by his own petard.

Darmanin said, of meeting Dalli immediately he came out of Barroso’s office after being forced to resign: “I saw Dalli and he told me, ‘We have a problem. I need to contact my wife. I need to see about my rights. My allowances and whether I have a pension.'”

What scum. What utter, utter, hamallu scum. He is an EU Commissioner who has just been forced to resign (or be fired), the world’s media are rushing to get the story, the scandal is hitting the newspapers back home, and all he can think about is his rights – which to him are his allowances and his pension.

Money, that’s all it’s about with John Dalli. If he and that dowdy, messy wife of his ever spent any on actually living, I would understand it. But apparently the pleasure they both get is from storing it up and counting it.

And good for Joanna Darmanin for slipping in that bit which shows how he hadn’t called his wife yet, despite his having claimed, in his testimony earlier, that he had. The first person he called was his Godfather, Joseph Muscat, his co-conspirator and schemer.

That doesn’t tell me how close they were as friends. It tells me something else: that those two plotters and schemers were counting on doing something together that involved Dalli’s position as EU Commissioner and Dalli had to inform Muscat at once that the whole thing had blown up.

Imma l-aqwa li Joseph is going to China this week to sign a five-year agreement with the communist dictatorship. Hasn’t John Dalli worked out how to get five per cent of that yet? After all, he needs to supplement his pension.

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  1. curious says:

    Everything is about money, even the court case itself.

    The issue that Dalli is making is about whether it was a voluntary resignation or not. That means it is about whether he gets a pension and allowances or not.

    Whether he was forced or resigned voluntarily isn’t the big issue. His behaviour as European Commissioner is. That’s what he should be ashamed of and what is embarassing us as a nation.

    • La Redoute says:

      No, it’s not about his pension. He gets that, and his substantial allowances, already. He wasn’t fired, remember.

  2. bob-a-job says:

    Sing a song of sixpence.

    John was in the counting house counting all his money.

  3. Aunt Hetty says:

    The ‘tifel tal-pastizzar’ mentality till the end.

    No doubt that he will insist that he takes his stash with him when the time comes to move on to the next world.

  4. Gahan says:

    John Dalli did not sign his resignation.

    My suspicion is that with this process, he’s making sure that he was not fired by Barroso so that he would be eligible for a handsome EU pension?

    Barroso’s statement that he would have fired Dalli if he did not resign, points to that way.

    If forced resignation is equivalent to being fired , then let it be so and he won’t get the pension.

    • Angus Black says:

      Resigning instead of being ‘fired for cause’ does not entitle anyone in that kind of situation to a pension and benefits.

      It is this reason why Dalli is throwing the dice one more time, just in case the European Court of Justice believes his nonsense and awards him a settlement.

      Barroso was clear about the difference between dismissal on the basis of ‘perceived guilt’ as opposed to a political decision based on ‘losing trust in Dalli’ and keeping the Commissions reputation intact.

      Dalli, Labour supporters and Joey himself purposely mix the two issues to confuse minds. Barroso set them straight.

  5. Ronnie says:

    Despite having accumulated substantial wealth over the years his frame of mind is no different to the low level clerk mal-gvern who brings in the union to contest a merited reprimand. What a low life.

  6. Spock says:

    I’m just wondering about exactly what these ‘two plotters and schemers’ were actually plotting.

    Could it be that any of those millions in tobacco bribes had been meant to finance the PL electoral campaign?

    Could this be the information that is giving Dalli power over Muscat?

    This particular scandal has been uncovered, but what if there had been other ‘plots’ which succeeded and which channelled millions into the PL coffers? The mind boggles at all the possible scenarios this opens up.

  7. verita says:

    Johnny Cash

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