“Mhux fl-interess tal-poplu” is back. They won’t say why the Commissioner of Police travelled by private jet, “because of national security”

Published: July 7, 2014 at 9:26pm

private jet

Ghogbithom din tan-national security. Now every time they don’t want to answer a question from a journalist or a member of the Opposition, they say that they won’t because of “national security”.

They have even tried to use of a version of “national security” as an excuse for not releasing Mrs Konrad Mizzi’s government contract under the Freedom of Information Act, as they did with Lou Bondi’s, who they obviously consider far more dispensable.

Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi revealed in parliament this evening that Peter Paul Zammit had travelled to Italy by private jet in his role as Commissioner of Police.

Well, if Justyne Caruana can have a military helicopter pick her up at home and take her to the airport…

He demanded to know why – after all, there are commercial flights several times a day between Malta and Italy’s major airports.

Manuel Mallia the Police Minister was not in parliament to respond, so he got Economy Minister Chris ‘I Love Lapdancing’ Cardona to reply on his behalf.

“We can’t reply because of security reasons.”

Maybe Peter Paul Zammit and his private jet went to Italy for a big meeting of the Camorra set up by HuBastjan on Bastjan’s recommendation. You never know nowadays. Maybe the next memorandum of understanding the Police Minister is going to sign is with Bastjan Dalli’s Camorra contacts. Why not strike a deal for your cocaine-trafficking ex clients when you can? After all, with all that self-authorised telephone tapping going on, you’re bound to know exactly what the competition is up to.

What a mess. A Police Minister with most of the country’s worst cocaine-traffickers as his (ex) clients, with the unmonitored power to tap anybody’s telephone he pleases, with a police commissioner flying off to Italy on a secret mission in a private jet, having protected from prosecution a corrupt politician who is under heavy fire from the European Commission and whose brother has been named, in a telephone conversation between two members of the Naples Camorra, tapped by Italian police as part of a magisterial investigation into organised crime, as their contact in Malta and “the brother of the prime minister”.

It sounds like a Third World dictatorship.

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  1. Joe Farrugia says:

    It IS a Third World dictatorship. The Third World is not a geographical location, but an ethical and moral one. This is a cosier place for Malta to be as it is more in line with our character. The country has finally got the government it deserves, solidified and reconfirmed two months ago.

  2. observer says:

    “It sounds like a Third World dictatorship”

    That’s what it now is.

  3. verita says:

    But at least we should be informed how much this VIP trip cost us taxpayers. Or is even that a matter of national security?

  4. bob-a-job says:

    Meanwhile here’s a look at Chris Cardona’s laptop.


  5. Kevin says:

    Malta a land of scoundrels, pimps, smugglers, drug traffickers and thieves. Historian John Julius Norwich describes the Maltese during the 17th and 18th centuries as fearsome pirates. Old habits die hard.

    [Daphne – No longer very fearsome, though. Too fat, slow and out of shape. Still just as vicious and willing to sell their associates for a dollar, however.]

  6. P Shaw says:

    It doesn’t sound like a third world dictatorship – it IS a third world dictatorship.

    Malta’s prostitution to China is no different than the typical African country embezzlement in return for peanuts and a stadium here and there. The African puppets sell their natural resources while Malta’s amateurs sell Malta’s position/veto within the EU.

    • Makjavel says:

      And who tells us that Joseph Muscat is not selling Malta’s mineral rights in Maltese territorial waters to the Chinese?

  7. sarah says:

    Is it also ‘fl-interess tal-poplu’ not to report all these major power cuts across the island? Yesterday evening’s power cut across Tigne, Gzira and Sliema lasted 5 hours. Incredible how the Times of Malta has not reported one incident when the Nationalist government was constantly criticised whenever there were power cuts.

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