I knew Lou wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer

Published: July 7, 2014 at 10:08pm


Lou 1

It must have taken a lot of self-control or denial or whatever to carry on posting comments about guitars, CDs, concerts and baby outfits with all this going on.

And now, 16 months into the game, he’s finally exploded. Of course, it had to be John Dalli who flipped his switch. Now this really presents Dalli with a problem, because Bondi works for Joseph Muscat, so how can he be in bed with Dr BS?

While on the subject of BS, Balzan Saviour was on his show Reporter on TVM this evening, and with all this going on with his man Dalli, and nobody talking about anything else as the nation is gripped by the sordid drama, he discussed the sizzling topic of…decriminalising cannabis.

Rather unfortunate, in a way, given that John Dalli’s brother smuggles cannabis for a living – when he gets it right, that is.

Incidentally, good to see that George Papagiorcopoulo is as sleazy as ever. Hoping for an iced bun, no doubt – ma xebax jaqa ghac-cajt fuq Facebook, including smarming up to Marlene Mizzi and defending Taghna Lkoll.

Well, they’d be mad to give him so much an iced currant. At least Lou knows how to organise concerts. All that George knows how to do is the sort of thing his hero John Dalli is best at, which is why he admires his moves.

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    • Sister Ray says:

      This is almost as good as the World Cup.

    • PWG says:

      What a load of traitors you all are. How can a true Maltese citizen ever take the side of a foreigner.

      • Bubu says:

        This lowlife is dragging the name of our country through the mud and you expect “true Maltese citizens” to take his side? Are you stupid?

        I take the side of whoever is right, irrespective of his or her nationality.

      • Calculator says:

        “How can a true Maltese citizen ever take the side of a foreigner.”

        That’s rich, considering that a certain type of foreigners can now become Maltese citizens for a rather low price.

        I take the side of decent, civilised people, be they local of foreign. In this case, it happens that the Maltese individual is lowlife scum, so I’ll happily side with ‘a foreigner’.

      • Sister Ray says:

        Far from it. One more jibe about the Maltese at my place of work and I’ll smash somebody’s face in. Well I won’t, but we wouldn’t be here in the first place if someone who had the country’s trust screw up badly.

      • gaetano pace says:

        We are as Maltese as Dun Karm and Guze Aquilina. We are men of principles among which we list Justice, Honesty, Loyalty and Truth. Principles we embrace even at the cost of giving up a fellow national who is neither just, nor honest, nor loyal nor truthful. With whoever has and holds to principles like ours, we unite to make a better, cleaner, saner world. Why not ?

  1. Osservatore says:

    Lou Bondi did exactly the same thing when he hung his journalist’s cap and defected to the Taghna Lkoll movement saying that he no longer does journalism.

    He made sure that he got himself a lucrative contract that can be rolled forward at his discretion, possibly until he has reached pensionable age. A low life indeed. It really is a case of being one to know one.

  2. bob-a-job says:

    Qabes George Papagiorcopoulo.

    Mur obsor hej.

    Birds of a feather, he and Dalli. They have always been ever since he was chairman of Malta International Airport at least and probably well before that.

    I’m glad Lou’s changed his attitude as I’ll be crossing his path several times in Marsalforn this summer like every other.

  3. Meshallveryhappy says:

    Interesting. Had he said this a few months back I would have simply agreed. Today I wonder.

    If presented with the prospect of missing out on such a pension what would have Lou thought?

    I ask as I today doubt that Lou would be worried about anything else but the money. He might have reacted differently but probably his only concern would have been money.

  4. Antonio says:

    It’s not so ethical of Lou to speak badly of a colleague. Both he and Dalli are consultants to the prime minister.

  5. Ghawdxi-Iehor says:

    If Lou Bondi thinks that he is salvaging his pride by stating what anybody with a little between the ears is saying then he has it all wrong.

    Mr Bondi jumped ship when he saw it was going to sink and in the process showed us what slime he is. He has done what no decent person would ever do. And so the conclusion is…

    You’ll never hear him publicly utter a word against Joseph Muscat though, will you? He makes my stomach turn.

  6. Ronnie says:

    I guess Malta Today will now have to come up with a story on Johanna Darmanin.

    [Daphne – They can try. But St Dorothy’s Convent girls are supremely tough and with a tendency to an acerbic manner of thought and speech, as BS (Saviour Balzan) should well know, having one for a sister who you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with on a dark night.]

  7. Joe Micallef says:

    Lou Bondi is no position to preach to others, particularly Dalli.

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